Galloway Cattle Grassfed & Grassfinished Beef

Cooking Tips for Grassfed Beef

Grassfed Cooks Faster than Commercial Beef
Here are some cooking tips for cooking Rocky Meadow Farm grassfed beef. Always keep in mind that it is a leaner beef AND the meat will continue to cook after removing it from the source of heat.

1) Cook to level of rare to medium rare. Overcooking toughens the beef.

2) Never thaw meat in microwave. Place the cuts in the refrigerator the day before cooking. Allow to come up to room temperature just before placing on heat source.

3) When cooking on the grill sear both sides of the steak, and then turn heat down to slowing cook the cut to that rare-medium rare level understanding that it will cook faster than commercial beef.                            

 4) When the beef is done let it stand in a warm place for a few minutes to allow the juices to soak into the meat.

5) When roasting a roast in the oven try a lower setting, say 275 degrees, to allow less loss of juices. Use a thermometer to check internal temperature, and remember that the beef will cook a little longer even when first removed from the oven. Therefor you may want to take it away from the heat a couple degrees before registering done.

Recommended Cookbook Sources
The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook by Shannon Hayes

The Complete Guide to Grass-Fed Cattle by Jacob M. Bennett
See page 178 for a profile done by author on Rocky Meadow Farm