Galloway Cattle Grassfed & Grassfinished Beef

Health Benefits

Grassfed–Better for the Cattle, the Environment & the Consumer
Grassfeeding the animal is better for the cattle, the environment and for the consumer. Grainfeeding supports the pathogenic bacterium, E. coli 0157:H7 that we occasionally hear about in the news, but grassfed animals rarely carry that particular strain because its rumen (stomach) fails to provide the proper pH for that pathogenic strain of E. coli.

Safe & Clean Food, Free of Additives
What makes grassfed meat tastier and more nutritious than commercially raised beef? Many things, actually. At Rocky Meadow Farm we provide a low stress environment that creates calm in the animal, unlike the thousands of head of cattle finished in a muddy feedlot. Our cows are eating only lush grass during grazing season and hay produced on the farm in winter, never any grain, artificial growth hormones or antibiotics.

Grassfed is More Nutritious & Lower in Calories
Grassfed beef has higher levels of Vitamin E, carotene, Omega-3’s (good fat) and conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) which favors lowering cancer risks in humans. In addition, grassfed beef is lower in calories due to its natural leanness, as shown by the lightness in taste with less heavy fat sensation experienced following a great steak.

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