Galloway Cattle Grassfed & Grassfinished Beef

Farm Life

More than just Raising Healthy Beef
Our farm is more than an effort to raise healthy beef—it is our home, and therefore the attempt to keep it clean and tidy is always our desire. Our cattle enjoy rotational grazing on non-GMO grasses, fresh water available in every pasture, and natural minerals and salt to facilitate healthy growth of our young stock. At Rocky Meadow Farm, we never feed any grain, growth promoters, or artificial hormones.

Rotational Grazing & Hay Produced on the Farm
In summer we cut our own hay to assure a known quality product for winter feeding. The cattle are handled with a low-stress style of interaction, and usually the herd just follows me willingly from pasture to pasture. All of our fields are designed so they lead naturally from one to another, so that the cattle know they are in familiar territory when moved.

A Lifestyle Choice for Healthy Living
Farm living is a lifestyle choice of hard work and dedication, but the rewards are seen in the healthy living achieved for cattle and us alike!