Galloway Cattle Grassfed & Grassfinished Beef

Galloway Cattle

One of the World’s Oldest Beef Breeds
The Galloway is one of the world’s oldest beef breeds and originates from Scotland. It became England’s and Scotland’s choice of beef breed starting in the 1400s. The Galloway is noted today as the oldest and purest of British cattle, not being crossed with other breeds to produce new crosses as the Angus and Shorthorn breeds were created. The Galloway offers structural soundness, a docile disposition, good mothering abilities, and is polled (no horns).

A Relatively Rare Breed in the U.S.
A relatively rare breed in the United States, it is far more common in Canada and, of course Scotland. Many of the breeding cows here at Rocky Meadow Farm came from Canada where the breed has excellent breeders that have kept the genetics pure. The first Galloway presence in America was noted in 1837 in Philadelphia. The breed came to Canada in 1853. Its two-layered hair coat, strong stamina, and efficient use of its feed have made the Galloway well-adapted to the harsh climates of North America.

A Sweet & Lean Meat
Some consumers say the sweet taste of its beef is attractive to their palate. Others praise its natural lean characteristics. Everyone can appreciate the wholesomeness of its being locally produced and available to a few.

Rocky Meadow Farm Raised Primarily Solid Color Galloways
There are a few other types of cattle seen on our farm (Angus, Hereford, and the occasional Belted Galloway) but the majority will always be the solid color Galloway. Our farm goes thru a rigorous annual review, on site, to achieve the seal of Animal Welfare Approved. Thus buyers of our beef understand that the animals have been humanely treated and once they visit us they can see for themselves how clean and beautiful this farm is. We give tours by appointment that are educational and fun!

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